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PU Conveyor Belts

PU Conveyor Belts

Ravi Enterprise is renowned as the leader in the field of PU conveyor belting for it’s unique quality of Polyurethane flat conveyor belts suitable for Food and General product Conveying. We supplies homogeneous, various range of hardness, smooth / embossed finish and reinforced flat belts with a unique combination of characteristics of high strength, low stretch, cut resistance and high flexibility. All our PU flat belts are available with a wide range of Cleats, Sidewalls, Tracking Guides and other special custom made fabricated constructions. All our pu flat belts can be made endless within a few minutes by using the special tool. We also supply supper drive PU conveyor belt to eliminate slippage and off tracking.

PU Conveyor Belts Application

  • Complete Food Industry
  • Packaging Machines
  • Metal Parts Stamping
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Paper & Printing Industry
  • Magnetic Elevators
  • Automotive Industry
  • Glass Recycling Industry
  • Detergents and Chemical Industry
  • Meat & Fish processing Industry

PU Conveyor Belts Advantages

  • Easily installed on site
  • Abrasion and Cut Resistant
  • Chemical, Oil & Water Resistant
  • Strong & Flexible
  • Non absorbent & Non-Fraying
  • Easily Cleaned & Excellent Grip
  • USDA / FDA / 3A Accepted
  • Long Operating Life
  • Available in Various thickness
  • Excellent weldability due to its being Homogeneous
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