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Conveyor Belts

We are leading Conveyor Belts supplier in Gujarat for several years and are used widely by industries such as heat treating, forging, foundry ,ceramics, glass, automotive and much more.

We specialize in the manufacture of different kinds of conveyor belts. First of all, a perfect belting solution is designed depending upon the various engineering parameters like temperature, abrasion resistance, load carrying capacity, friction levels, oiliness, stickiness etc. Cleats are fitted onto the top surface of the belt as per the volume to be conveyed and the inclination. We even provide sidewalls and various types of profiles helping smooth operation.

Our product line includes conveyor belts which will fit almost any application; which includes conveying small parts, special smooth surface belts for easy accurate transfer, wire belts with large openings for easy flow of air or water and for simplified cleaning of your product. Our conveyor belts are used to convey metal parts through copper and aluminum brazing furnaces, bronze and iron parts through sintering furnaces, textiles and chemicals through oven dryers as well as applications that involve washing, annealing, quenching and polishing. Some of our vivid conveyor belts are listed below.

Special Features of Our Conveyor Belts

  • Unique Carcass Construction
  • Superior Adhesion Levels
  • Excellent Impact Resistance
  • Improved Flex Life
  • Improved Resistance to Mechanical Damage
  • Low Belt Stretch
  • Improved Resistance to Ozone and Ultra Violet Radiation
  • Mildew, Moisture & Rot Resistance
  • Improved Tear Resistance & Excellent Troughability
  • Improved Efficiency of Joints
  • Suitable for all Applications

Conveyor belts are mainly used for transfer of material from one place to another. They reduce the manpower on a large scale and the automation allows for easy expansion of business.

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